"If I could protect but one person from war's horror... then I would bear any shame. I would bear it proudly."

A tumblr appreciating Final Fantasy XII's loyal knight.

All art links through to the original piece or artist as often as possible. If any piece of yours featured here is lacking sufficient credit or you wish to see it removed, contact via askbox and it will be done.

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Jun 17th · 340 · © · tagged: gabranth final fantasy xii
by まさぺこ

by まさぺこ

…the night that you betrayed our king. (x)
Jun 17th · 59 · © · tagged: barheim final fantasy xii



he did not expect her touch to be so gentle.

Jun 17th · 52 · © · tagged: ashe final fantasy xii
I’m watchin you by ~sardonyxweapon

I’m watchin you by ~sardonyxweapon

May 21st · 364 · © · tagged: gabranth final fantasy xii
by あなぐら:春コミ東1-ケ30a

by あなぐら:春コミ東1-ケ30a